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Vidant Rehabilitation Center

A unique 75-bed rehabilitation center—including a dedicated pediatric unit—with the most innovative programs and services available.

Comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs.

With the most advanced therapies, techniques and technologies, we offer rehabilitation care for adults and children who have experienced orthopedic injuries, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, stroke, trauma, amputations, arthritis, spinal cord dysfunction or brain injury. From physical therapy to support groups, nowhere else uses interdisciplinary teamwork the way we do to help patients and families adapt to the challenges of everyday life.

It doesn’t matter whether disability happens through disease or injury, or whether the onset is slow or sudden. Our goal is always the same—restore quality of life by helping patients regain lost function.
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Transitioning to independence at New Horizons Square.

How can patients safely practice the tasks they’ll encounter at home or in the community? At New Horizons Square, one of our rehabilitation tools. Here, patients can navigate a simulated environment that includes a bank, a grocery store, a gas station, an apartment and more—all connected by sidewalks, streets and paths of various textures.

Heading out into the community.

Reentering the community is often the final but most challenging aspect of rehab. Through community-based activities such as shopping, dining, or even heading to a football stadium, we help patients address social and emotional issues and build confidence.

Putting skills to the test at the Independent Living Suite.

In this realistic setting, patients and families can practice the skills they’ve learned to help ensure a more comfortable transition from rehab center to home.

Let’s reshape more futures together.

Quite simply, we’re changing rehab in North Carolina. Vidant Health Foundation funds have already helped promote independence in daily living and expand specialty equipment for improving muscle strength and balance — but together, we can go even further.