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Annual Report

The Vidant Health Foundation has been supporting local initiatives to benefit our community since 1980—and this year, we have a lot to celebrate. That’s why our annual report is anything but a recap. It’s a chronicle of inspiration, made possible through your gifts — large, small and in so many forms, we can’t begin to list them all. Find out just a few of the exciting ways we’re delivering on our promise to bring hope and superior health care to our region.

Stronger than ever

My role includes overseeing the organization, setting strategic direction, getting our culture aligned with our mission of caring and making sure that we’re highly successful into the future.

Dr. Michael Waldrum
CEO, Vidant Health

Meet our team

We are stewards. A team of community leaders with passionate commitment. As we oversee fundraising projects and manage the Foundation’s assets, we strive to ensure that your selfless generosity has purpose and impact according to your wishes — and that each and every gift enhances the quality of health care in meaningful ways.

Our Team

Board of Trustees

Vidant Health Foundation Officers